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MV Rena Wreck – Plan Your Dive

MV Rena Wreck – Plan Your Dive

By Dave Moran, Images as credited. The kelp swayed in the current like a Tahitian maiden seducing the admiring tourists. It was all rather hypnotic as schools …

Further Discussion Regarding Diving Fatalities

Further Discussion Regarding Diving Fatalities

By Dave Moran. In the April/May issue #153 (pages 50–51) we looked at the contributing factors that may result in a fatality. The Police National Dive …

Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected

By Beth and Shaun Tierney/Seafocus. Glancing at our computers we realise we’ve just gone beyond 45 metres. We’re deep but we’re captivated. To one side …

Gulen – In a Class of its Own

Gulen – In a Class of its Own

 By Christian Skauge. Cold water diving will never be the same after you visit Gulen, just north of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast. This is where history …

Editorial by Dave Moran

Some Thoughts Regarding the Rena – Diving Fatalities – NZRDIG

In this issue we look at diving the remaining debris field of the Rena wreck. One of the comments I hear from those who have dived it and my own experience is that the currents flowing over the wreck can be quite strong! In my article on pages 48–51 I stress the importance, in my opinion, of planning your dive so that you surface up one of the four buoys on the wreck site thus ensuring you are not carried away in the current. Half a billion dollars has been spent on the salvage and ongoing monitoring of

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Norway – Gulen: In a Class of its Own

Fiji – A Shark-and-Bull Story

East Malaysia – A Dive Rig Adventure

Niue – Offers More Than Diving

Solomon Islands – Tales of the Unexpected

Vanuatu – Your Next Destination

Diving Fatalities – Further Discussion

A Diving Pioneer – Recollections and Training

Triplefins – New Zealand’s Answer to Darwin’s Finches

New Zealand – Mathesons Bay, Where Leatherjackets Live

Rena Wreck – Plan Your Dive

Roger Grace – Fisheries Symposium Great Success

2016 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show – Wrap Up

TecFest 2016 Report

Cover details: Periphylla and photographer, Gulan, Norway. By Christian Skauge. Nikon D200, f/8, 1/100 sec, ISO 100, 20mm, flash, no strobe return.

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