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Rarotongan Wahoo on FAD

Rarotongan Wahoo on FAD

By Clarke Gayford So I’ve got this new TV series coming out next year. It hasn’t been easy, but I took a gamble, stepped back from paid employment and threw myself into it for reasons that will soon become obvious. It’s called Fish of the Day, and if you look closely at …

Tragic Results of Not Exhaling During Your Ascent

Tragic Results of Not Exhaling During Your Ascent

O2 onboard your diving boat can save your life An Interview with Dean Syme By Dave Moran In January 2015 diver Dean Syme developed a Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism (CAGE – was previously called Air Embolism) which has affected his life dramatically. In the following …

On a High in Guadalupe

On a High in Guadalupe

By Lee Findlay It had been on the ‘to do’ list for over a decade and finally, after 16 hours on planes, three hours on a bus and a rough 20 hour crossing by boat, I was about to cross it off. I was in an aluminium cage sitting in the blue at 12m, my heart pounding with …

Is Your Gear Ready for Summer?

Is Your Gear Ready for Summer?

  By Lee Czerniak It’s that time of year when we see the scallop season has opened, the days are getting longer and the desire to get back in the water is looming ahead. So where is all the dive gear? Did I pack it away last time I dived? Or is it still in the gear …

A FICKLE MISTRESS: Preparing Your Boat for the Summer Dive Season

  By Ron Czerniak We love her moods and beauty, but the sea can be a harsh and fickle mistress who must be treated with respect and caution. She can turn on you in a heartbeat! At the start of last winter most of us likely washed down our boats, cleaned up the …

Editorial by Dave Moran

Tropics – Caving – Wreck artefacts

Winter is a time when many divers and family travel to tropical destinations to recharge their body’s batteries and enjoy some warm water diving! This issue brings you some destinations that are just next door and others in distant shores. All offer the opportunity to explore tropical reef diving and to experience different cultures and form new friendships. Let your love of diving open up the wonderful world …

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Is Your Gear Ready for Summer?

A Fickle Mistress: 
Preparing your Boat for the Summer Dive Season

New Zealand Rock Lobster Council

Legasea – What’s Our Fishing Really Worth?

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Ribbon eel by Richard Akhtar – Matava Resort, Fiji.

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