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By Jeanne Liebetrau and Peter Pinnock The TV series Lost is about people lost on a Pacific island. The Solomon Islands, on the other hand, are islands in the Pacific that are lost. Solomon Islands may have been the scene of bloody battles in WW2 but much of that is lost, …

Antarctic Diving – First Impressions

Antarctic Diving – First Impressions

By Pete Notman. Images by Pete Notman unless otherwise credited. My first trip to Antarctica was in 2008. My chance had come when one of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) ‘team K082’ divers going to Granite Harbour that year couldn’t make …

Diving the Great Lakes

Diving the Great Lakes

by Pete Mesley For many years I have wanted to dive the Great Lakes and in August this year, a dream turned into reality. The obvious draw of this area was my incessant love of shipwrecks. Having dived many wrecks from different eras, from WWI to WWII, nuclear bomb blast …

Editorial by Dave Moran

The changing face of diving – Boat Reviews – Thanks & Merry Christmas!

  The world’s largest recreational Dive Expo DEMA (Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association) was held in Orlando USA early in November. Was it displaying where diving is heading? The recent Undercurrent Newsletter ( an item titled: ‘Anything new at the DEMA Show?’ Caught my attention. The comments were by John Bantin who is the former technical editor of the UK publication, Diver. He has over 20 years’ experience reviewing virtually every piece of dive equipment available in the UK and the US. His abbreviated comments: DEMA provides a good …

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Antarctic Diving – First Impressions

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Anemone is feeding and has formed itself into a ball, Solomon Islands. By Peter Pinnock.
Nikon D800, f/11, 1/30 sec, ISO-100, 14mm, 4.1, flash, no strobe.

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