Passionate diving advocate, wreck analyst, NZUA president

L–R: Dave Moran, Editor, Dive New Zealand magazine and Shane Wasik.

At the New Zealand Underwater Association’s AGM held in Wellington (see page 71, August/September issue #137) the Award recipient was announced. Shane Wasik is the 10th recipient of the Award which was first presented in 2003 at an Ocean’s Photographic Awards evening at Auckland’s Sky City.

The Award is presented to people who have done a considerable amount of work in the fields of promoting diving and environmental issues without receiving any real financial rewards for their efforts. They get involved because they have a passion for what they love doing!
Shane arrived from Scotland in 2008 with his best diving ‘mate’ Nikki. In early 2012 they returned to Scotland where Nikki became his wife! They absolutely loved exploring what New Zealand diving had to offer and had soon dived where many New Zealand divers are still thinking that one day they will dive! In 2011 he took on the challenge of making the New Zealand Underwater Association more relevant for divers by being elected President! Very few at the time were prepared to pick up this challenging role.

Shane was so enthusiastic about promoting diving that he convinced Nikki and many volunteers to stage an Oceans Expo similar to the Oceans held during the 1970s–1990s. This Expo was held in Tauranga 12–13 November 2011. It was a roaring success!

He became heavily involved with the monitoring of the environmental effect the wreck of the MV Rena had when it struck New Zealand’s Astrolabe Reef on 5 October 2011. Shane loves researching wrecks. He was the instigator of the successful 2010-11 archaeological mapping of the remains of SS Taupo (1879 – Bay of Plenty) with the assistance of The Mount Maunganui Underwater Club, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and the University of Waikato.

He is a major contributor of articles and stunning pictures to this magazine.
Shane’s exploits can be viewed at www.shanewasik.com

Congratulation Shane and also Nikki his best mate!

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