Project Reef Life - South Taranaki Underwater Club

Project Reef Life – South Taranaki Underwater Club

At the New Zealand Underwater Association’s AGM in Christchurch on Saturday 29th June 2019 it was an absolute pleasure to award this year’s recipients: The South Taranaki Underwater Club – Project Reef Life.

This Project was born out of an idea planted at the Club’s AGM in August 2014, when Karen Pratt explained the environmental impact that the proposed offshore iron sand mining would have on the reefs off the Taranaki coast.

Project Reef Life has developed into a major community led, citizen science initiative that is providing valuable insights into the marine life and habitats that characterise the offshore reefs of South Taranaki that are 11km offshore.

With the assistance of funding from Ministry of Business and Innovation the group have been able to build an underwater photographic recording system that is anchored to the reef to record the passing marine life over many days.

Project Reef Mk 2 Camera

The local community and schools are absolutely loving the Project. Many school children are getting involved in marine science projects. The local buy-in is extraordinary!
Check out their website and facebook. You will be amazed at that has and is being achieved.


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