3 reasons you’ll never regret travelling more

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An old adage claims that travel broadens the mind, and we believe that to be true. By experiencing different cultures, trying new foods and living life at a different pace, you can obtain a new perspective on life that, hopefully, will enhance your day-to-day routine.

However, for many people, travelling can easily slip down the priority agenda. Things such as chasing a career or focusing on raising a family can take over, meaning that those exciting trips you’ve been planning in your head for years remain pipe dreams.

We believe that travelling should form an essential part of people’s lives, and think that it can help you not only alter how you view the world around you, but can also make you a more rounded individual.

So, with that in mind, here are our top three reasons why you will not regret it if you travel more.

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1. You can expand your friendship circle

One of the key reasons why people want to travel is so that they can meet new people and have interesting experiences. For some, staying in the village or town where they were born is the perfect life, but for those with more ambition and drive, the desire to try new things is central to their thinking.

And if you do want to travel and visit new countries on your own, it makes sense that you will eventually want to find people to talk to and spend time with. Having to seek out new friends and engage people in conversation is a life skill that will serve you well in everything you do going forward, so even if you ultimately decide that travelling isn’t for you, it’s likely that you will develop at least one skill that will help you in your career and beyond. And, not only that, you will end up with friends around the world, meaning you will have people to visit and stay with in the future.

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2. You can travel abroad affordably

One of the biggest allures to travelling is that it can be done relatively cheaply. If you choose the right flights and hotels, avoid the tourist traps once you arrive, and plan your budget carefully, your overseas adventures needn’t hit your bank balance hard.

There is also a growing sector of society that works freelance or remotely, and so travelling while also working is now more viable than ever. With around 50% of all job roles set to be freelance or remote by 2020, those who are ambitious or adventurous enough can fulfil their job requirements anywhere in the world, and then spend their free time exploring pastures new. A reported 39% of millenial and Generation Z workers would even turn down a job if there wasn’t any travel involved.

Photo: Daja Gellerová

3. You can find somewhere to spend your life

Even those with the most intense travel bug will likely want to settle down at some point, and travel can help you to discover where you are best suited to living for the long term. It may be that you have grown up in a hot country but actually enjoy colder climes, or vice versa. Maybe you want to live in the hustle and bustle of a thriving metropolis, or perhaps you’d be more content spending your days in the middle of a rainforest.

There’s no need to settle down somewhere just because it happens to be where you were born. And, what’s more, research has actually found that people who do move abroad tend to be happier, more curious, and live better lives.

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