A Treasure in Paradise: Samoa


Beautiful aqua lagoons at Return to Paradise Beach. By Andrew Moore.

By Lee Czerniak.

James A. Michener chose Samoa for his writing of Tales of the South Pacific for a reason. The unique culture, its untouched natural beauty and its laid-back way of life make these islands a destination that will be in your memories forever – as it did for him when it inspired him to use it as a background for some of his novels. They will encourage you to return again and again. There are lush rainforests, aqua lagoons, palm-fringed beaches and as you relax in this South Pacific location you have the chance to experience what is truly an island lifestyle. You can even put on your beachcomber hat and become one for a while.

Waterfalls cascading. By Tishamp.

Waterfalls cascading. By Tishamp.

This is a diver’s dream destination especially if they are looking for adventure and new discoveries. The reefs surrounding Samoa are home to more than 900 species of fish and over 200 varieties of coral. Compared to other destinations these waters are relatively unexplored and as a diver you can take the opportunity to dive into virgin waters. Scuba divers with an eye for adventure have recently found some excellent sites easily as good as elsewhere in the world.

A tropical sunset will always charm. By Keith Gordon.

A tropical sunset will always charm. By Keith Gordon.

The ten islands of Samoa are encircled by beautiful aqua lagoons and reefs that beckon you to explore both on land and under water. Whales also visit each year and during the months of August–September your dive will be complemented by the songs of whales.

Dives in the area offer a range of canyons, wall dives, swim-throughs, caves and coral gardens. Large table corals screen elusive lobsters, and rainbow runners, schools of barracuda, tuna, unicorn fish, turtles, reef sharks and bluefin trevally abound along with moray eels, rays and plenty of tropical fish and striking coral. On deeper dives black gorgonian fans add to the unspoilt beauty.


Anemones and their friends. By Anne Simmons.

If you are an experienced diver and exploring unchartered waters is your thing, or you are looking for somewhere new to dive, you can’t go past this unique and memorable diving location.

During your stay, you will experience the people, who always have a friendly smile. There is the opportunity to explore the rainforests, waterfalls cascading into rivers in the valley floor with huge swimming holes and then the river will take you to the ocean, where you will enjoy the wonder of the coastline and the sparkling waters.

Most dives you will encounter turtles. By Anne Simmons.

Most dives you will encounter turtles. By Anne Simmons.

The traditional culture of Samoa is a communal way of life holding respect for family, community and church at the core. This traditional way of life has made this a very safe and desirable destination for the traveller especially the travelling family.

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