Action Oriented Travelers Lift Expectations

travel&co’s Rob and Sheree Macready and family on location

travel&co’s Rob and Sheree Macready
and family on location

Fifteen years ago many people were happy to book a relaxing trip to a Pacific Island resort but today they want more action, says travel&co’s Rob Macready.

Now, he says, trips away are becoming much more ‘active relaxes’ with travel packages individually tailored to satisfy bucket list aspirations.

“Bespoke travel packages offshore are a growing part of our business,” Rob says.

“The South Pacific is still very popular – the Solomons, Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu – because they’re accessible. Just a three hour flight and spectacular diving.

“It’s affordable to go diving in the South Pacific,” Rob says.

“Niue and Tonga are always popular for whale watching, Vanuatu for wreck and tech diving. Fiji has beautiful corals.

“But people these days are tending to see these trips as a very good introduction to places farther afield, like Malaysia, Micronesia, Indonesia and Hawaii’s lava tubes. We know how to get people there.

“We’re definitely finding more people ringing up to book more bucket list type trips – the Galapagos, Sipadan Island in Malaysia, and Raja Ampat in West Papua of Indonesia.

“People into diving also like travelling in groups, perhaps because they love to share their adventures, whether they join a group at the destination, or make the trip in a group of their own.”

Rob and Sheree Macready took over travel&co over a year ago after successful careers in the corporate world. The name change – previously it was Dive, Fish Snow Holidays – is recent and designed to reflect the broad horizons and shared values Rob and Sheree have for the business.

“Our focus is adventure offshore. Our consultants have been to the places we promote and dived there,” Rob says. “We are as passionate about the activities we sell as the people we sell them to.”

“What we’re all about is delivering the best active travel on the planet,” Sheree adds.

“Our business focuses on individual personal service, experts who know and share their customer’s passion for active travel, 24/7 emergency assistance and respectful trusted relationships.”

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