Editorial 52


By Dave Moran

I was recently at a Chamber of Commerce function where Sir Peter Blake was the guest speaker. I was interested to hear his comments regarding the preparations for defending the America’s Cup. Sir Peter talked about the successful functioning of a team of people towards achieving their objectives. They know that it takes extra effort and planning to be a winner; to win the America’s Cup the team will have to achieve that extra effort in everything they do.

What is it that keeps his team on that edge of perfection, day in and day out, month after month? You can see it in Sir Peter’s eyes – it’s passion. He is very passionate about what he is involved in, and it is this passion, this love of the challenge, that drives him. Will he have this same passion to drive the Cousteau Society into the new millennium when he takes over in his new role in 2000? Yes, he will. During his quest for the ultimate prize which came with Big Red (Steinlager 2) in the 1989/90 Whitbread, his fifth and finally successful attempt at this round-the-world race, Sir Peter and his fellow sailors became aware of the diminishing life both in and above the water since the beginning of his ocean racing career 16 years ago. On that last Whitbread circumnavigation, to see the majesty of a single albatross was a rare event … not even two decades ago, an ocean sailor would be accompanied by many of these great birds at many different times on the voyage.

Sir Peter has big plans for the Cousteau Society – new ships, new films – all with the purpose of bringing to the attention of the world, especially children, that this ocean planet and its inhabitants need to be hand in glove with nature for both to survive. It will be the biggest challenge he has accepted. He has the talents to create the team to make it a reality. Sir Peter’s message to the meeting was you can accomplish anything with the right team, and that vital ingredient, passion – he still has it.

What has this to do with diving? Over the years I have met a number of divers who still retain their passion for diving after 30+ years in the sport. The challenge for those of us involved in the industry is to create a classroom where new divers become passionate about their new sport and continue to remain passionate in participating in one of this world’s most rewarding activities, and the rewards that come from that participation.

The Dive Adventure Court is once again part of this year’s New Zealand Boat Show, to be held at the Auckland Expo Centre, Greenlane, over Queen’s Birthday weekend (3-7 June). See page 9 for details. Call in and meet the Dive New Zealand team. We value this once-a-year event as a great chance to meet some of our readers. Hope you can make it.

Winter brings with it some of the clearest water of the year. With a good quality wetsuit or drysuit there are no excuses for not getting in and enjoying it. Get passionate about your diving! All the best,

Dave Moran
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