Window Cleaners Wanted – New Zealand’s Milford Sound

– it’s like falling through dark and stormy clouds into a colourful world of clear water and strange sea creatures.

The Fabulous Fans of Fiji

– Tropical paradise.

Shark Wrangling

– Kelly Tarlton’s style.

Great Barrier for Great Diving

– Where hunting, fishing, diving and the outdoors overshadows all else.

Sharks and Sunken Ferries

– Group thinking took over. Next there was a cluster of four divers on the anchor rope ….

We Dived for River Gold

– As I cleared the space I saw several small nuggets of gold. We had, at long last, found some reward for our labours.

Kalymnos Diving Festival

– For centuries its culture and people have been immersed in diving and the sea.

centre pullout

– Diving New Zealand’s Northland.


– One of the richest places for marine life.

Five Servings a Day for Better Photos

– Learning good angles, lighting and composition.

Ocean Zoo

– the first prime-time New Zealand made show.

HMNZS Manawanui

– The New Zealand Navy’s diving support vessel.

Marine Archaeology

– the discussion continues.

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