Attack of the blue cod (Long Island, Marlborough Sound)

– A large blue cod streaks in and attempts to grab the orange strobe Too big to swallow so check the other one!

David Shaw kept his word

– Descending into the pure blackness of a 271m water cave in South Africa was enough to give Australian technical diver Dave Shaw a world record he didn’t know it would be his last dive.

Stabi-Craft 5.59 Fish’r

– This baby can fly!

Undersea volcanoes, strange lifeforms

– Viewed from a manner submersible … enjoy the ride!

New Zealand’s wrecks at the Poor Knights

– The next in the world wrecks tour.

Open Water, left at sea

– The final in this series, we look at how one would cope as a castaway.

Diving the Cumberland with the Sydney Project

– Part two (final) of the 100 metres to history Cumberland dive.

Florida hurricanes and cave diving

– Huge giant white, floating islands extended out unsupported from the cavern walls, containing fossilised seashells from prehistoric times.

Hooked on Fiji? You bet!

– It was my first time diving at Fiji and I was hooked!

India’s east coast before Boxing Day

– Roger Grace presents a photographic tribute to the Tsunami victims.

The day the earth shook

Tsunami special feature. The sequence of events.

Living in the wake

– Tsunami special feature.

Digital imaging

An introduction.

The Munsoms

I saw all these species and was completely at home … but this wasn’t New Zealand’s Rurimas or Cavallis, it was Korea.

Kiwis deep down under

– Exploration diving.Cod Grounds – Some of the best grey nurse diving I’ve ever done.

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