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In the hard copy of issue 87:

The Kermadecs … New Zealand’s Best Diving

– They captured my imagination as an ‘adventure diving’ destination from the very first moment I heard about them.

OZTeK 2005

– Our editor reports on the show.

A Kiwi Perspective, Bear Island (Sydney)

– A large blue grouper, protected in NSW,  seemed to realise its status and cheekily displayed in front of us.

95 Years of Silt

– It’s now 95 years since the Norwegian barque, Hippalos, sank rather ungracefully to the bottom of Queen Charlotte Sound in the outer Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

Sands Hide Forgotten Wrecks

– The West Coast sands of New Zealand’s North Island hide the scattered and smashed remains of many once proud vessels.

World Wrecks Tour visits Cyprus

– The Zenobia is a dive  with something for everyone, from clammy palmed novice to horny palmed veteran.


– Behind us the sea was cobalt blue, turning to near  purple in the depths below.

Yonaguni, Japan’s Underwater Theme Park

-The cliffs seemed to rise from the sea like an angry dinosaur; jagged, dripping wet and scowling at civilization.

Pullout New Zealand’s Coromandel/Bay of Plenty Dive Sites feature

Baja Factor

– It’s one of the few places in the world where you can swim with sea lions in clear water and without freezing any vital bits off.

Annie M Miller

– Kingfish whirl about you as you desend to  dive the wreck of this coastal collier in Sydney.

Hammerhead sharks

– The functions of the ‘hammer’

Cave Training

– Instructor Jarrod Jablonski is regarded as one the world’s most accomplished exploration cave divers.

Teeth, Tentacles and Blue Water

– I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘how do you go about tagging’ a Nautilis? Paintball gun?

Deep Cave Recovery

– David Shaw’s helmet cam.

Practical Chart Plotting

– How to get started.

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