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Diving Doubtful Sound

– Each day we dived the magnificence of the underwater environment beneath us. We were not disappointed.

Not Another Scorpionfish

– You see them on most dives at the Poor Knights. Normally found siting motionless on the bottom, a vacant look in their eyes and usually a grumpy expression on their faces.

World Wrecks Tour Dives The Thistlegorm

– One of the truly legendary wrecks in the world of diving.

Action Aplenty

– As we got to the broadbill a very large mako appeared, grabbed the carcass and tried to swim it away from the boat.

The End Of The Line

– Sold on the fact that I was pretty much guaranteed hammerhead, manta ray and whale encounters I was off to Ovalau, Fiji.


– The extraordinary life of Wally Gibbins.

They Call Him Flipper

– If you thought doing your open water course was challenging and your first sight of a BC with all its dangly bits was confusing, imagine doing it all with no arms.

War and Peace at Truk Lagoon

– I find it difficult to believe that two mighty nations would go to so much trouble just to give me the dive site of a lifetime.

North West Island

– Large predators such as rainbow runners, Spanish mackerel and of course sharks cruise by regularly.

Coral Reef Shading

– The local answer to a global problem.

Photographing Critters

– Neville Coleman gives us some pointers.


– The wraths of gods and follies of man.

F69- HMNZS Wellington

– Sinking on schedule.

Exploring Inner Space

– Eye ball to eye ball – what were they thinking? What are they studying?

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