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Summer Blues

– The first of several memorable dives at the Poor Knights Islands in northland

Diving the Deep South

– My biggest scare turned out to be getting bailed up by a bad-tempered female Hookers sealion.

Great Barrier Island Marine Reserve

– One step closer.


– convenience and affordability.

Ten Minutes To Midnight

– 20th anniversary of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.

World Wrecks Tour

– Palau was the scene of some of the most intense fighting in the second world war.

Maritime Archaeology

– Rules to live and dive by.

Wally Gibbins

– His extraordinary life (part two)

The Svengali of the Sea

– Cuttlefish.

Early Diving School

– The School of Underwater Swimming and Diving reunion.

Unplanned Mini Adventures

– With kayak diving we realised that a lot of good diving was not necessarily miles off shore.

War and Peace at Truk Lagoon

– Floating before you is a 375 ft cargo ship with a huge torpedo hole in the side.

A Little About Sea Slugs

– Little creatures happily adapted to in saltwater.

In the Slipstream of Cyclones

– The Cook Islands provide some of the best lagoon diving.

Lord Howe Island Marine Park

– Straight out of the fairy tales a magnificent make-believe with everything anyone could wish for.

Fakarava, Tahiti

– Where heaven and earth meet.

Pope’s Eye

– Last chance to see this underwater wonderland.

Bounty Islands, New Zealand

– Virgin dive spots are hard to find in this age of fast boats and GPS.

Bathalaa Maaga Kan Thila, Maldives

– You’ll never forget this dive site!

Shark Shield

– At last it’s safe to go back in the water.

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