Destination: Coromandel Kayaking Diving

– As a born-and-bred Aucklander I had forgotten some of the hidden charm that the Coromandel has to offer.

HMNZS Canterbury up for Grabs

– It’s our last chance for a frigate and the scramble has begun!

Winter Spearfishing

– one, no two, no three John dory lined up on the bottom trying to catch an unsuspecting fish.

The Greatest Shoal on Earth

– The sardine run. Seeing one of nature’s great dramas played out in front of you is an experience at a whole new level.

The Killing Season

– The first light of day splashes red across the sky. The ice echoes with crimson hues. In the distance a lone seal barks for her young.

Discovery of Sacred Waters

– An extraordinary cenote of beauty, fascination and archeological significance exposes its secrets of human tragedy. Mayan history and mid-1800s military revolution.

Wellington’s Hikitai

– A laboratory on water with many hours spent developing techniques for conservation.

Last Chance to See The Lonsdale Wall

– Dropping from 14 to 90 metres in a series of near-vertical rock ledges and undercuts all teeming with marine life.

The Incredible Wolf Rock

– Located off Double Island Point, Wolf Rock barely breaks the surface but what lies beneath is one of the most impressive dive sites in Queensland, Australia.

Turtle Power

– Meet Murtle and her high tech jewellery.

Exploring the Labyrinths of the Atlantic

– A remote Caribbean ‘pirate colony’ atop a volcanic seamount. The cap is literally honeycombed with spectacular underwater sea caves.

Dive Sites of the Lower North Island, New Zealand

– You’ll be surprised at how much great diving there is, whether it’s for a feed, a look or photographs.

Rigid Inflatable Boats

– We take a look at what they have to offer and their advantages for divers.

Get Ready for Summer

– Don’t leave it until the last minute and then get stressed out.

Gentle Giants of the South Pacific

– I excitedly fin toward my first encounter with the gentle giants of the South Pacific…

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