In the hard copy of issue 91:

Explosive White Island –

Diving the waters around an active volcano was a disturbing prospect. As it turned out the White Island experience was explosive – for its beauty not its eruptions.

Marine reserves –

Yes Marine Reserves actually work!

Why divers die –

We discuss panic and entrapment.

Legends never die – Buster Crabb –

The one element that turns a myth into a legend is the unresolved ending …

Russian sub rescue –

The brotherhood of the sea.

Bismark –

Extreme depth diving is still the preserve of an exclusive group of adventurers.

HMAS Brisbane – a warrior reborn –

The first dives on the wreck.

Last Chance to see the Eliza Ramsden Wreck –

The first time I dived this wreck I thought I’d missed it and landed on a section of reef.

Clamp a tiger by the tail –

Shark tagging.

Frogfish, flamboyants and fireworks

Lembeh isn’t just about small and whacky creatures. There are a couple of wreck close by.

Mako Sharks –

They are especially attractive creatures and we have a genuine admiration for these beautiful, fast and agile predators.

Shark survival –

My first shark encounter.

HMNZS Wellington –

In just one minute 50 seconds after an explosive thud resounded through the waters she slipped beneath the waves.

DEMA, Las Vegas, USA –

Dave Moran brings us the latest.

Crossed paths –

The essence of adventure and exploration is increasingly more important in our busy, crowded lives.

A fun alternative – muck diving –

Anywhere you have a sufficiently large enough body of water a dive can often be had.

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