04 2006 Contents

Contents in the hard copy of April/May 2006:

Diver lost at sea for 75 hours

– Robert Hewitt was found alive, drifting in the ocean, by his old Navy team diving mates after being at the sea’s mercy for 75 hours.

Stewart Island

– The return to Stewart Island to hunt for the elusive great southern pigfish.

The ‘P’ Phenomenon

– Why does immersion make you ‘go’?

Bottom Trawling

– You be the judge.

Which Way Is The Reef?

– Juvenile reef fish spend several weeks of their lives in one of the most dangerous environments.

White Sharks

– In their world you are still just a potential meal, smart or not. We take a look at satellite tagging.

Goat Island

– Sweep, blue maomao, snapper and mackerel move aside then reform behind us.

The Hulks Of Aramoana

– A collection of small ships  purposely sunk in Dunedin to protect a coastal breakwater.

Mikhail Lermontov

– She will maintain her stateliness for many, many years as the world’s third largest diveable wreck.

New Marine Protected Areas Policy

– Panacea or Talk Fest?

Cook Islands Caving Adventure

– I was 19 and hitching my way across the Pacific when I was shipwrecked on Atiu – it was all quite an adventure.

Sex On The Reef

– The annual coral spawning of the Great Barrier Reef is one of scuba diving’s most seductive spectacles.

HMNZS Wellington

– Now a three wreck dive.

Spearfishing Competitions

– Reflections on change.

Stay Alive On Your Freedive

– Freediving for fish, crayfish, scallops and paua is a great sport but know the dangers.

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