In the hard copy of the magazine for June/July 2006 we bring you …

The awesome discovery of Japan’s golden submarine the I-52

– found in 5,500 metres! What exactly was its secret mission that sent it to the bottom and will attempts to raise her succeed?

Life ending seconds

– 3000 to zero in 72 seconds. Equipment failure at depth – don’t let it happen to you.

North to the Kermadec Islands

– A favourite sub-tropical dive area which is New Zealand’s northernmost territory.

Freediver blackout

– We look at the facts and figures then review the case for a device which will manage this common problem.


– It’s all in a day’s work to harvest this delicacy.

Great White Shark

– We discuss the hidden approach of the most feared creature in the world’s oceans.

Birchgrove Park Revisited

– He came back with a beautiful copper masthead light – his narcosis resistance was obviously better than mine!

The Surtees 5.5 Workmate boat is put through her paces and the results are in!

Inventory Up

– Do you take stock before heading off to the dive site? Lack of planning could relegate you to a mere topside spectator.

And our usual sections including

– Coleman’s Critters, Digital Imaging, Dive Medicine, Incident Insights, Diving the Web, Fishing, Freediving, Spearfishing, News, Letters to the Editor, Photography, Shades of Colour competition, Products, Training and Travel news, What’s Happening in New Zealand and Australia.

Featured on our website this issue from our magazine is:

Blue Creek Resurgence, Back to Kelly’s for a good feed, an overview of our extensive travel feature.

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