In the hard copy of the August/September 2006 issue:

Wellington’s Wahine Park

– Wellington divers are lucky to have the option of diving two coastlines – providing diving in just about any weather conditions year round.

Night Diving

– A night dive is a great way to see normally shy animals that remain hidden away during the day which is a

satisfying way to leave your comfort zone! Includes a torch buyers’ guide

Robots in the Depths – The examination of our world’s aquatic depths are being probed with mechanical enhancement.

Into the Darkness

– At night the environment is not only darker underwater, but topside too. How prepared would you be if you had to cope with vertigo and illusions?

Save the Whales

– Again – No one can dispute the whaling issue is a long and bloody war. The IWC and how the voting went.

Good Karma

– the MV Karma has quickly obtained a reputation as one of the best shipwreck dives in Queensland.

Deep Down Under

– The New Zealand Freediving Nationals.

Drysuit or not Drysuit? that is the question

– There was once a time when I thought anyone wearing a drusuit was a wuss. A

look at drysuits and buyers’ guide .

Boat Test

– Smuggler Strata 750 – Proven pedigree = outstanding performance.

Soft Baits

– Divers have a huge advantage over most fishermen because you know the bottom terrain.

Batfish Trio

– For creatures who have never seen divers before, these guys were incredibly trusting.

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