In the hard copy of the August/September 2006 issue:

A Gem of a Dive: Little Barrier

– Just when I thought a magical day couldn’t get any better, we were treated to the sight of panicked baitfish breaking the surface fleeing a pod of common dolphins that were in hot pursuit.

Getting Fit for the Dive Season

– Examining the components of a good dive physical and emphasis on cardiovascular health.

Getting Ready for Summer

– Have you looked after your diving gear? Will you be all set for summer?

Maintenance Requirements

– Boating and fishing readiness.

Choppered Out

– There are too many ex-divers damaged by a DCI who will tell you they wish they’d sought help sooner.

Military Divers: A Tough Bunch

– A silent shadow gropes his way along a dark and silty seabed towards a suspect explosive device.

U171: Lethal Decision

– Suddenly there was a terrific explosion which resulted in the blood and death of the Grey Wolf. More than 60 years later U171 is one of the marvellous wrecks off South Brittany, a war grave too.

Finding Your Way Back

– Ins and outs of underwater navigation.

Stingray Attack

– The pain in his leg was excrutiating as Duncan caught a brief glimpse of a dark shape disappearing into the murky distance. He headed for the surface and screamed for help.

Tea, Nitrox and Vodka: the Lake Baikal Expedition

– Deep in the heart of Siberia lies one of the world’s largest lakes and one of its seven underwater wonders.

Australia’s Southern Delights

– Diving the Tasman Peninsula.

Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia

– A tropical paradise.

The Challenges of Re-floating a Shipwreck

– The team discovered that the Bwedua presented quite a challenge!


– We remember: Max Hetherington, Bob Begg, Wally Gibbins, ohn Atherton and Steve Irwin.

Ben Cropp

– An interview with Australian legend Ben Cropp: his life the inspiration behind his book Ben Cropp – Blood in the Water.

204 kg Bluefin Tuna

– First successful landing in New Zealand.

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