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Supreme Award. Too Many Farewells. Magazine Increases Its International Distribution. OZTeK.

Supreme Award!

Congratulations Dive Tutukaka for winning New Zealand Tourism Industry Association’s Supreme Award.

Dive Tutukaka won: Adventure Activity, Visitor Activities and Attractions and Conservation in Action Awards.

The judges then the most outstanding operator from all category winners – this being: The Supreme Award.

This is the first time that a diving operation has won this coveted award. Dive Tutukaka has been a finalist four times in recent years. Being recognized as one of New Zealand’s leading tourism attractions for a number of years,  it is fitting that they have come out on top this year.

I had the pleasure of diving the Poor Knights Islands a few weeks ago and I was absolutely blown away by the fish life. Since it was made a complete no take Marine Reserve in October 1998 the fish life around the islands has exploded.

I wonder what Jacques Cousteau would say now about the abundance of marine life. He visited the Poor Knights in 1986 aboard Calypso and declared it one of the top 10 diving sites in the world! I’m sure he would have a huge smile as he witnessed real proof of how marine life can flourish when it is not subjected to recreational and commercial fishing activities.

The Award is recognition of the directors Jeroen Jongejans and Aussie Malcolm and their team at Dive Tutukaka for all the effort and systems they have put in place to ensure the visiting diver has an enjoyable experience.

Jeroen’s next project is to have the Poor Knights recognized as a World Heritage Park. We wish him every success in this endeavour.

Dive Tutukaka has set an excellent example of what a diving operation can do and it is a standard that all dive operators world wide can aspire to even if they are based in the centre of a busy city and not off the coast of some remarkable islands.

See page two for full contact details, also turn to page 77, What’s Happening in New Zealand for more on their award.

Too Many Farewells

An unexpected event tends to make you take a deep breath and step back a little from reality and ponder the mystery of life.

Steve Irwin’s sudden death was such an event for many people who knew of this Australian media personality via his television show Crocodile Hunter Diaries.

For me, and I guess many in New Zealand and around the world it was a similar event that shocked us all with the slaying of Sir Peter Blake on the  Amazon River as he and his crew were filming for Blake Expeditions, as was the sudden death of Kelly Tarlton who is now immortalized by Auckland’s leading tourist attraction, Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter/Underwater World.

All three were in the prime of their lives doing what they loved – trying to make a difference to the way in which the people of the world viewed the other creatures we share this planet with.

They are gone but I believe they achieved many milestones in their short lives (Steve 44 years, Peter 53 years and Kelly 47 years) and that their legacy to the environment will live on through all of us. They have shown us what can be achieved and what needs to continue – thanks guys.

They spent their time well – which I suggest for many of us is not the case.

In this issue (pages 58-61) we show our respect to a number of people who, in their own way, have made their mark on diving and the Diving Industry. They, like Steve, Peter and Kelly, will be missed but not forgotten.

OZTeK’07 – Excitement Without Limits For Divers Who Want More.

Grab your diary and block out the weekend of the 17-18 March 2007. The Australian, OZTeK is being held again in the Australian Technology Park, Sydney. Focused on diving excitement, adventure and education, the Conference and Exhibition continues to be an inspirational forum catering to every aspect and level of diving interest. Featuring an international cast of speakers and presenters drawn from the world’s most accomplished divers providing workshops and seminars, OZTeK is again poised to push back the boundaries of diving knowledge and establish a new standard of excellence for Dive Events. See page 53 for details.

Magazine Increases its International Distribution.

In addition to our New Zealand, Australian and South Pacific readers we now welcome the USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines countries – great to have you on board. The team here at Dive New Zealand/Dive Pacific magazines’ mission is to bring to you each issue the Pacific’s Most Informative Dive Magazine. We look forward to receiving your comments and contributions to the magazine. Enjoy!

For divers South of the equator the good news is summer is fast approaching and for those up North maybe it’s time check out the condition of your drysuit! Wherever you are on this fantastic planet we wish you safe and adventurous diving. Live your dreams.

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