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In the hard copy of the December/January 2007 issue:

Goat Island Adventures in a Kiwi Paradise

– An eclectic mix of divers, researchers, writers, families, kayakers, tourists and more.    Is it on your ‘101 must do’s for Kiwis’ list?

Junkers JU-52

– I found it remarkable to be hovering in no more than eight metres of clear green/blue tinged water of a rather nondescript lake high in the mountains in Norway, staring at a tangible object that needed no imagination to conjure up a picture of activity in 1940 as this very aircraft landed on the lake.

Freediving Adventures, Raoul Island

– The behemoth came for me incessantly as I stared transfixed into the gaping cavern of its throat, framed by a pair of huge yawning jaws draped in a bristling array of savage teeth.

Dive Like A Hog

– As technical diving becomes more popular, the boundary between recreational and technical diving blurs.

Oh for the Wongs of a Dive – A lighthearted look at the difference between a dive and a dove.

What Sh-Sh-Shark?

– Divers, particularly beginners, are concerned about sharks. Not surprising considering the way the media makes sharks the bad guys. After shark week I’m afraid to have a bath.

The lost wrecks of World War II

The HMAS Sydney, lost in time.

Dangers of the Deep

– Considered to be non-aggressive and  more inclined to flee from a diver than to attack, stingrays have made macabre headlines recently.

New Zealand Dolphin Under Threat

– New technology helps with the study of Maui’s dolphin, a critically endangered species found only in New Zealand.

Christmas Island

– The best diving in the world? Possibly.

4Collecting Kina in 12 Metres at 78o South

– Standing on two metre thick ice at nearly 78oS, considerably more gear was required   than a mere mask, snorkel and fins.

Beneath Italian Seas

–  Impressions by a Kiwi biologist.

Ben Cropp

– (part two) interview with Australian legend Ben Cropp: his life and the inspiration behind his book Ben Cropp – Blood in  the Water.

Camera Housings

– Experiences using Ikelite Nikon D70-200.

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