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In the hard copy of the February/March 2007 issue:

Poor Knights: a Tourist’s Impression

High expectations and great provenance. The small, rocky outcrop of islands certainly lived up to its reputation.

Shadow Divers

The book

Shadow Divers

details the diving adventures of John Chatterton and Richie Kohler in discovering the identity of a German WWII submarine nick-named the U-Who. Editor Dave Moran joined them on New Zealand’s

Mikhail Lermontov

wreck dive.

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

There’s a huge water tank at the Johnson Space Centre (USA) where astronauts and engineers simulate the effects of working in the zero environment of space.

Global Fawning

Before we get too distraught, remember global warming is touted by the same people who predicted the millenium bug.

Amos Nachoum

Photographic exposé.

The Last Shark

There were times when he swam with others of his kind. Slowly fewer and fewer turned up until at last he was alone.

Working Performance Underwater

Environment and equipment factors discussed by Dr Simon Mitchell.

Deadly Seduction

While many divers call this place the ultimate challenge, for countless divers who have met their fate in the depths, it is known as the divers’ cemetery.


Loyalty Islands

I was diving in another epoch with nautilus buzzing around like bees.

WWII Japanese Midget Submarine Discovered

The finding of M-24, the missing third midget submarine which attacked shipping in Sydney Harbour has stirred a lot of wartime memories and how close Japan’s war came to Australia and New Zealand.

Diving the Iron Knight

On reaching the deck at 125m I checked my rebreather, changing the oxygen set point to 1.30.

Ben Cropp

– (interview concludes).

Colin Gans

Photographic exposé

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