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In the hard copy of the April/May 2007 issue:

Shadow Divers

The book Shadow Divers details the diving adventures of John Chatterton and Richie Kohler in discovering the identity of a German WWII submarine nicknamed the U-Who.

Editor Dave Moran joined them on New Zealand’s

Mikhail Lermontov

wreck dive. (conclusion of two part interview)

The Dori Awards

In her excitement she forgot her mask, and as fate would have it, thereby became the first recipient of the Dori Awards for Outstanding Water Entries.

Great White Shark Whisperer

No man has feared great white sharks less than Andre Hartman. He uses his bare hands to open their mouths and freedives rides on their dorsal fin. Is he mad?

14 Dynamic Dive Destinations Feature:

New Zealand – Waikato Drift Diving

– Australia – Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

– Pitcairn Island

– French Polynesia – Fakarava

– Tonga

– Fiji

– Samoa

– Niue

– Solomons

– New Caledonia

– Cook Islands

– Vanuatu

– Malaysia

– Papua New Guinea

SS Port Kembla Ship’s Bell Recovered

Sunk by a German  minefield in New Zealand on 18 September 1917 she lay  undiscovered in 96 metres for 90 years

The Java Sea Reveals a Wartime Secret

USS Perch

Inter-Pacific Spearfishing Championships

2007 results

Dive Rakino Island, New Zealand

Great dive/fishing site

Digital Printing –

What photographers need in a printer.

Ross Guy

We farewell an outstanding New Zealander

The Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show

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