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In the hard copy of the June/July 2007 issue:

Gold – 70 fathoms deep

There’s a lot to think about when you’re dropping to a depth of over 120m into the

Pacific Ocean

, down to the decks of one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world, the Royal Mail Steamship Niagara.

Fiordland’s Long Sound

The almost pristine habitats of Long Sound exist because of the fresh water layer from the huge rainfall that cascades into the fiords.

Use it or lose it

I still practise my skills but have to admit, at 62 years old, I am not as strong or fit as I used to be.

100th issue

We reflect on highlights from our 99 issues.

Northern crayfish

Talk to any divers from the 1960s and you will hear stories of crayfish feelers bristling out of every crevice. We investigate current trends.

Monsters I have met

As I almost crashed into it I realised it was a gigantic snapper well over a yard long. Then on a ledge sat an equally monstrous crayfish.

Rayglass Legend 2800 is born

boat test by Dave Moran.

Twice in one lifetime

Getting closer, I aimed carefully then squeezed off the shot. The snapper weighed in at a whopping

15.04 kg (

New Zealand


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