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In the hard copy of the August/September 2007 issue:

Gisborne – Eastland first to catch the sun –

Too far away? Way out East? Well, you could be in for a surprise, the area has a lot to offer, including some fantastic diving.

Diving is adventure –

Risk and danger are not the same thing though they are often confused by authorities in the name of safety. Really they just want to restrict your adventure.

Leigh Bishop –

International deep technical diver.

Te Waikoropupu Springs –

For divers and in particular underwater photographers the clarity of the spring water is an environment like no other on the planet.

Anzac Day at the Poor Knights –

There was a bevy of five mature butterfish mimicking seaweed fronds, just below the surface and totally unafraid.

Snapper at the Goat –

You are never alone when you dive at Goat Island marine reserve – it is home to some of the biggest snapper on the coastline.

Having the right stuff –

On board the Navy’s diving support vessel, HMNZS Manawanui , interviewing a Navy diver.

Diving the Brisbane –

Below us the boat’s shadow is surrounded by dancing sun rays. There is another shape too, the top of the former Australian destroyer Brisbane, just eight metres down.

A lobster’s tale –

The hunter/gatherer diver’s quest … a nice crayfish!

Dodging the bullet –

After losing in majority to pro whalers at the 2006 conference, it was dubious whether the

whaling moratorium could dodge the bullet again this year.

What’s really down there –

Oceans survey 20/20

Dinner was a quick paddle away –

Spearfising from a kayak.

Point and shoot vs SLR –

What camera system is best for me?

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