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In the hard copy of the October/November 2007 issue:

16 page gear guide

Full steam ahead:

New Zealand’s White


The fabled oasis proudly towering above the surface up from 600m well out on the continental shelf.


Pupuke’s interesting inhabitant


It’s not connected to the sea yet supports some animal life that we normally associate          with the open sea.

Far North diving

You could spend a whole summer exploring then fill in the chart with your own dive site names.

PFO (patent foramen ovale)

How important is it?


The most unlikely dive site on the planet!

Deep wreck photography

Internationally respected deep technical diver Leigh Bishop discusses his camera equipment.

Heritage shipwreck sites

Are you in contravention of the plan?

How academic can diving really get?

Is it is possible to get a balance between learning by experience and learning from a book?

Swimming with wild dolphins

– Their intelligence, social  relationships and ability to react to humans is fascinating and rewarding and something most can only dream of experiencing.

Abalone disease devastation

– Australia is on the alert.

New Zealand

wetsuit company

– a world leader.

Islands lost in time

– Solomon Islands


’s shipwrecks

– The Malabar

Hammerhead sharks in a pirates paradise

– Famous as the original Treasure Island, the island still hides over $1.5 billion.

GPS chart plotters/sounders

– electronics for your boat.

Back to the future

– Spearfishing with power heads.

Backyard sub

– Good old-fashioned Kiwi ingenuity at work.

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