Editorial 103

New Zealand Authors

The team here in the office can always tell that Christmas is fast approaching – no it’s not the looming deadline of the December/January issue but the number of recently published books that landed on Lyn’s desk!

What is amazing this year is the number of books written by New Zealand authors, a total of eight!

New Zealand Shipwrecks; The Surface of the Sea; Spot X Diving; Chase the Adventure; Treading Water; Hunger for the Wild; Boating for All and to finish off, Food from the Sea.

For full details on these books turn to page 79 and 80 or visit the book store at www.divenewzealand.com. There is something for everyone’s Christmas shopping list.

Mankind decides who lives and dies

I know it is the season for, good will to all mankind and a bloke should forgive past wrongs etc, etc, but I just have to say … During the year I had the privilege of swimming with humpback whales off the sandy beaches of the Ha’apai Group in Tonga with Glenn Edney’s, Happy Ha’apai Divers.

We had a mother and her new born calf and a male escort swim with us for over two hours. The mother seemed to enjoy showing off her baby and even brought it over to the boat much to everyone’s delight.

She even rubbed her side on Glenn’s sailing catamaran,

Cat Knapp

, and the baby rolled on its back, waving to all on board – it was an amazing experience.

The trust these beautiful mammals had in us humans was very much ‘felt’ by all on board and those who snorkelled with them.

To know a fleet of Japanese whalers left Japan on 18 November to hunt 1000 whales including 50 humpbacks is just incomprehensible!

Humpbacks have been off the harpoon’s killing list since 1963.

The Japanese say whaling is all to do with their national pride and how dare the majority of the world tell them what to do!

What don’t the Japanese get?

Are they just so bloody arrogant that they just do what they wish – because they can?

Recently Greenland’s whaling fleet returned to port because it is over stocked with whale meat and export demand was diminishing. It is a fact that there’s tons of frozen whale meat in Japanese freezers. The Japanese Fisheries Agency has advised 14,000 whales were killed last season! That is a disgusting amount of whale meat.

As I have said in previous Editorials, mankind is in the position of deciding who lives and dies on this planet. Have we not reached a point in our evolution that we can decide that we enjoy seeing a species live its life without fear of man?

The sooner the old Japanese whaling guard with their out of date thirst for whale blood succumb to the hand of the grim reaper the better for all whales and, I suggest, also for mankind in general.

As we left the mother and calf to play and love one another in Tonga’s tropical waters all on board

Cat Knapp

could not help but have heavy hearts – will mum feel the pain of cold thundering steel slice through her body the next time she swims by a boat and her last memory will be of her baby swimming in her blood?

It is well overdue for the New Zealand and Australian governments to stop the rhetoric and get real with this unnecessary blood sport from a nation that should know better.

The world has moved on and Japan knows it. It is time for Japan to swallow their stubborn pride and join the enlightened thinking world.

Summer has arrived

For us divers in the Southern hemisphere. summer has finally arrived and boy oh boy have we been hanging out for some summer diving- – you bet! For many of you I guess, like the team at Dive New Zealand / Dive Pacific magazines, you are looking forward to some long lazy days out on and under the water or just chilling out with a good book over the holiday period. Summer Down Under is the traditional time to step out of the work cycle – recharge your batteries and, if you have children, enjoying some memorable times together – enjoy! Thanks to all our readers. I trust we have brought you some interesting, thought provoking, entertaining and educational articles throughout the year. We wish you a very merry Christmas and safe, adventurous diving.To our advertisers, thanks for your continued support, it is most appreciated by the team here and our readers. We wish you and your team a very prosperous and successful summer season and a boomer 2008.

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