In the hard copy of the December/January 2008 issue:


Barrier Island

A weekend on the briney recharges the batteries and switches the brain to more enjoyable things!

Diving by train

This may be the future and we had all better get used to it.

The future of diving

Leigh Bishop discusses where future technologies may take diving.

Popular diving medicine myths

discussion by Dr Simon Mitchell

Real diving for women

They are at home in the water, in harmony with the marine life and always seem to have plenty of air.

Terror in the sand

Home to hunters that lie buried, waiting in ambush for their prey.


Utter the word ‘pirate’ and the modern image of Captain Jack Sparrow might come to mind.

Ice diving

Part of the buzz is the challenge of just geting into the water as there is always a mountain of gear.

Beauty and the Beast

– Diving off Canada’s North West Pacific coast offers a completely new perspective on marine life.


– Diving on the wreck of the RUBIS off the French coast. The old brigade know her well while the young dream to meet her.


Islands and Whangaroa

– Chaos reigns as scallops fly around like out of control flying saucers.

March of the penguins

– Night goggles reveal the ritual homecoming of little fairy penguins.

Minke whale encounter

– The calf was incredibly playful.

Chart plotters and sounders

– Getting the best out of them.

Hapuku meatballs and yellowfin

– A spearfishing record.

Rewards of a freediver

– Dave Mullins.

Oceanic heads up display mask

– The features seem endless.

The honorable laid to rest

– HMNZS Canterbury.

David Gibbins

– Best selling novelist/marine archaeologist.

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