Editorial 104

If you are doing research on anything you have to kill it!

That seems to be the message Mr Morimoto, Japan’s commissioner to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), is telling the world.

In fact to do proper research on whales you kill over a 1000 every year!

Either Japan’s scientists are really dumb or Mr Marimoto is living in the mindset of the 1940s.

In his article in the NZ Herald, New Zealand’s largest circulated Newspaper on 22 January the headlines shouted:

What gives you the right to lecture us about whaling?



type in whales in the Search)

Mr Marimoto highlighted that in 1946 the IWC agreed to proper management of the whaling Industry and that at that time New Zealand and Australia agreed. But – hello in the 1970s New Zealand and Australia changed their minds and in doing so have ‘sacrificed the principles of science based management’. It must be great living in the 1940s I wonder whether Mr Marimoto has a television or a cell phone?

At the end of his article he comments that New Zealand and Australia have a right ‘…to oppose whaling for some cuddly reasons…’ His comments leave no doubt where he is coming from, New Zealand and Australia have simply lost the plot!

This magazine will print Mr Marimoto comments, if he can tell me why they need to kill whales and while he’s at it, he may wish to tell me if there is a need to kill elephants, lions, tigers and any other wildlife he can think of. In your reply Mr Marimoto please leave out any reference to aphrodisiaces as this is a family magazine.

It was encouraging to see in the NZ Herald on 25 January, Sir Geoffrey Palmer’s (New Zealand’s Commissioner to the IWC) response:


’s whale policy a mystery to us all.

He tells it how it really is. Check his comments out on the NZ Herald’s web site.

Australia supporting Greenpeace

Congratulations Australia and their new Prime Minster, Kevin Rudd, for having the fortitude to stand up to Japan’s whaling lobby by sending the

Oceanic Viking

to keep an eye on their whaling operations.

Shame on New Zealand for not backing up their opposition to whaling with some physical presence in Antarctic waters including the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The New Zealand Government seemed more concerned when the whaling fleet moved into the Ross Sea, an area that New Zealand is responsible for search and rescue … what will we do if the whalers get into difficulties? Ask someone who cares!

As I have commented before, you can debate this subject until you’re black in the face. But have we not reached a ‘space’ in man’s evolution where we can decide to let a wild animal live just because we like seeing them roam the earth free of man’s greed.

Shark finning is alive and well in New Zealand

Recently a Conservation Department officer in Nelson came across around 30 sand sharks that had their fins removed, some were still alive!

Once again greed for the dollar by supplying Asian markets has changed the way New Zealanders treat marine creatures. Twenty years ago shark finning and sea horses were never on the catch list of fishermen in New Zealand or Australia. Think about it – do we really need to continue down this path to make a living?

While New Zealand’s conservation Minister, Steve Chadwick, continues wearing sun-tinted sunglasses like her predecessors have over the last 10 years, little will change.

My editorial would not be complete without mentioning the loss of Sir Edmund Hillary.

What an inspiration he has been for our generation and I’m sure for future generations.

Standing on top of the world, the summit of Mt Everest with Tenzing Norgay at 11.30am on 29 May 1953 change Ed’s life.

His ability to use this success to improve the quality of life for the Sherpa people of Nepal in remote regions of the Himalayas is legendry.

Sir Ed once commented:

‘I have modest abilities, I combine these with a good deal of determination, and I rather like to succeed.’

We should remember these words when the going gets tough for ourselves and our children. With determination and a will to succeed we can all smile and say

‘Well, George, we knocked the bastard off‘to various problems that pop up on our path through life.

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What a fantastic summer we are having. Water temperatures over 20ºC and climbing! We have a few more months to enjoy our summer season.

Make the most of it.

Dave Moran, Editor

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