In the hard copy of the February/March 2008 issue:

At the edge of darkness

The Royal Navy’s Very Shallow Water (VSW) dive team take stress to stratospheric levels, beyond what any non-military diver like me would ever encounter. Aborting a dive inside enemy waters is their equivalent of ‘a bad day at the office’.



I didn’t quite believe what I saw on the sounder, jumping into the slightly green water confirmed the crazy readings; Bird Island – a tower from the abyss.

The more facts you know the better you can provide timely help

Two diving incidents are presented for your diagnosis. Would you make the right call?

Three Kings Islands – Treasure!

The golden flash was like a bucket of caffeine pumped into my blood stream. I had found a ray of gold, a golden gem cemented amongst silver coins and granite hard crud! Editor Dave Moran shares his adventure.

Grey nurse sharks

Their fierce reputation has proven to be undeserved. Swimming and diving with these graceful and gentle giants is a rewarding activity.

Digital gets the finger

Most of the divers Bob Halstead meets these days are shooting digital and mock his film cameras.

RMS Carpathia 2007 Dive Expedition

A group of experienced divers brave challenging diving conditions to explore the wreck of the


. At 150m there is always high risk of a bends hit when diving to these depths.

HMNZS Canterbury

Update following her purpose-sinking.

Without a Trace

Amelia Earhart – Theories, speculation, evidence.

Women in diving

– Historically diving has been perceived as a male-dominated sport.

Armer’s Beach

– An outstanding diving opportunity at Kaikoura.

Line of fire

– Harpoons, Greenpeace and whales.

Manta magic

– Contemplating its next move just 3m away.

Commercial fishermen

– Are they friend or foe?

Snapper whispering

– a 5kg one was at the edge of my vision. (SPEARFISHING)

Yamaha F350 V8

– It’s a refined V8 grunter.

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