Deep Indonesia 2008 – Jakarta 28-30 March

by Dave Moran

When II think of Indonesia my mind pictures a culture that has survived thousands of years, ancient temples, exotic foods, bewildering spaghetti traffic and beautiful women! But it also pictures scenes of absolute stunning colour that coats what is regarded as the planet’s most complex and diverse marine ecosystem, commonly known as the Coral Triangle.

Deep Indonesia 2008’s main goal was to be a meeting place for exhibitors and visiting public so that the potential of Indonesia’s diving, adventure travel and water sports industries would be recognized. For me the Show did that and more. The emphasis on providing information about the marine environment and the need for strong conservation measures was outstanding. It was very gratifying to see the support of government agencies promoting a change in the way people and industries are thinking about the environment both above and below the water.

The inaugural Deep Indonesia was in 2007 and this year’s show exceeds the organizer’s (PT Exhibition Network Indonesia) and the Government’s expectations. Over 10,250 people registered, a 45% increase on last year. The 80 exhibitors made good use of the excellent display space within the Jakarta Convention Center.

As you wandered by the exhibitors you soon began to realize the huge diving adventures that are just waiting to be experienced in the water surrounding Indonesia. A diving smorgasbord of exotic destinations followed my every step as I wandered through the exhibitors’ stands. Bali diving was very well represented as were the following destinations: Borneo with its diving jewels such as Sipadan, Layang-Layang, Labuan, Capalai Island. Raja Ampat’s Culture and Tourisum Affairs Department made sure that every visitor was well informed about the diving to be experienced there. Your choice for your next diving adventure was simply mind boggling: Sumatra, Bunaken Island, Halmahera, Wakatobi, Indonesia-Papua (New Guinea), the Andaman Sea off Thailand just to mention a few – it was amazing.

During the three day event numerous workshops and seminars were in progress, photography was well represented. An international photographic competition and digital poster competition were also an integral part of the Show. The conservation message in the poster section which was restricted to university students was stunning … the messages hard to ignore. We need to act now to preserve the marine ecosystem that we all love.

During my visit I had the opportunity to interview the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Conservation and Environmental Degradation Control for the Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment, Masnellyarti Hilman. She left me in no uncertainty as to Indonesia’s commitment to preserving and restoring Indonesia’s environment.

In a future issue we will bring you her thoughts as well as a beautiful glimpse into what friendly Bali has to explore -fascinating!

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