Editorial 108

Editorial by Dave Moran

Time for New Zealand to join the rest of the enlighten world!

On 8 November New Zealanders head to the polls to elect the political party that will govern the country for the next four years.

I was wondering how do we make the practice of shark finning and the commercialization of shark fin products part of the political landscape?

New Zealand’s international Clean Green image has been tarnished in many ways in recent years and the Government can no longer, with any credibility, criticize other countries about their lack of environmental responsibility.

This magazine has, over a number of years, been bringing to the attention of the public, the practice of shark finning. Four Ministers of Fisheries have repeated the same political speak over the last seven years. To view their replies to our questions visit our home page: www.divenewzealand.com and click on: Shark Finning in New Zealand.

I’m delighted to see that the organization, Forest and Bird are now actively trying to bring change about so that New Zealand can join the rest of the enlighten world in respect to banning the practice of shark finning and the products derived from the fins.

Ministry of Fisheries chief executive Wayne McNee has criticized Forest and Bird’s campaign because live shark finning in New Zealand is already illegal.

Note the word LIVE. I think Wayne should immigrate to Africa, become an ostrich, find a hole to put his head in – I see nothing! Give me a break Wayne we all know LIVE finning is alive and well in New Zealand. But the sharks are alive and finless and eventually dead!

The shark finning pledge Visit: www.forestandbird.org.nz and make your contribution towards stopping this disgusting practice in New Zealand.

Let’s hope one of the political parties pick up on New Zealanders’ abhorrence to finning and to be in a position to bring about legislation to make the practice and commercialization of fin products to be totally banned in New Zealand.

If anyone can convince me that New Zealand’s economy needs finning and such food as shark fin soup please contact me.

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Gear Guide

In this issue we bring you a comprehensive guide of the most up to-date diving equipment and associated accessories available –

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For us in the Southern Hemisphere summer is fast approaching and now is the time to check your equipment and up-grade if required – spoil yourself – you deserve it!

With the scallop season now open in New Zealand it’s time to get out there and pick up a few (max 20) of these sea food delights. It’s a very simple dive but every year someone gets carried away with collecting and never returns – always monitor your air supply and leave the bottom with plenty of air to reach the surface and to inflate your BC when on the surface.

Enjoy, have fun and play safe.

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