Editorial 109

Editorial by Dave Moran

Adventures, we all need a few sprinkled throughout our lives

Recently I had the privilege of attending the book launch of Treasure Below – The Adventures of a New Zealand Treasure Hunter written by John Pettit.

John, now in his 70’s, is one of New Zealand’s diving pioneers. He has a thirst for adventure and in particular shipwrecks.

I guess it was inevitable that he and the late Kelly Tarlton should meet and become buddies on adventures such as searching for the General Grant off the sea smashed west coast of the Auckland Islands at 50 degrees south, to sucking up silver and gold coins from the wreck of the Elingamite at the Three Kings Islands off the northern tip of New Zealand.

Page after page the adventures roll out as one of diving’s gentlemen takes the reader on adventures that unfortunately many of which cannot be repeated today due to Government controls and restrictions on such ‘exciting’ activities! (eg page 48)

It is always interesting chatting to diving pioneers about their lives.

What they cherish the most is their adventures; not the amount of work they did or money they may have made. Their eyes light up and for a few moments they are fit young men again – it’s fantastic!

To order a copy turn to page 74.

OZTeK Sydney Australia

21 -22 March 2009

If you have not attended this amazing weekend of inspirational speakers and displays of the latest in diving equipment, grab your diary and block out that weekend.

I can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is a weekend that will fire up your imagination and inspire you to create your own adventures.

If you’re a New Zealander, book you flights now as flights are cheap if you book early. See you there. Turn to page 83.

New Zealand has a new Government which is about to appoint its Minister of Fisheries as we go to press.

Recently the outgoing Labour Government’s Minister of Fisheries, Jim Anderton, failed to implement any control on shark finning in the government’s five year national plan of action for sharks. This ‘plan’ continues to allow sharks to be finned and the shark’s body dumped at sea. What Mr Anderton does not get is beyond me! Thank God he is no longer Minister of Fisheries. New Zealand is out of step with the rest of the enlightened world when it comes to finning.

The world’s image of Clean Green Conservation minded New Zealand is seriously damaged by allowing this unnecessary practice to continue in New Zealand waters for a few lousy dollars.

Let’s hope the new National Government takes on board that 83% of New Zealanders do not support finning. I, like many of you, wait in hope.

Can you believe it’s Christmas time again? Where did 2008 go?

Myself and the team of Bonnie Cardwell, Lyn Coombs, Petal Moran, Glen Keeley and Monique Witsenburg thank our readers and advertisers for their continued support during the year. It is most appreciated.

We look forward to bringing you world class entertaining articles of adventure, education and controversy that will inspire and inform you about the sport we all love.

We wish you a safe and adventurous Christmas / holiday break with friends and loved ones – enjoy!

Spot you out on the water.

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