Editorial 110


Wow what fantastic weather we are having in the antipodes!

Brilliant sunny days, ocean blue skies and relatively calm seas. Dive shops around the country are reporting that they have been frantically keeping up with the demand for product and air fills as divers make the most of our summer Down Under.

It is just what the dive industry needs to boost sales and help cushion the expected tightening of wallets as New Zealand and Australia head into winter.

If ever there was a time to support your local dive shop now is the time.With the constant media coverage of a global financial melt down, businesses are turning to each other and customers for their loyalty when choosing to buy product.

Recently I had an acquaintance comment that he sometimes bought via the internet but had recently made the decision to buy only from local businesses. He is in business and he continued – ‘Now is the time we should all look after one another.’

So next time you  are in the market for dive products – call into your local dive shop, spend your money wisely and be a part of ensuring they are still in business when the chills of winter are replaced by the warm glow of  next summer.

Welcome to Dive Buddies!

To have a discussion forum and a place for divers to share their experiences has been in the Dive New Zealand/Dive Pacific web site’s melting pot for a while. Our site partners,

Federation Media

have recently flicked the ON switch for Dive Buddies to go live. This is a fun place to be. You can have your own personal file  – containing what you are interested in and share pictures with your friends. Subjects that divers feel passionate about can also be discussed in the live forum.

Dive Buddies is intended to help divers meet divers and to bring to divers’ attention matters that may affect them and the sport they love.

Jump into the site and start your own profile and join the discussion by visiting:


To kick off a discussion we have opened with the practice of Shark Finning. But you can start a discussion on any subject that you are interested in – okay?

Have a go, it’s easy, fun and we can all learn from people’s opinions that are posted on the site. See you there!

STOP Press!

It has just been announced that there will be a party to celebrate the 10th birthday  of the  sinking of the New Zealand’s Navy’s HMNZS Tui as an artificial reef and diving attraction for divers off the coastal town of Tutukaka. The celebrations, on Friday 20 February 2009, will be centred around Snapper Rock café. Jeroen Jongejans the MD of Dive Tutukaka was the driving force behind the sinking of the Tui. He commented that the Tui is significant in that it was the first of the Navy’s decommissioned ships to be disposed of this way. She was soon followed by:  HMNZ Waikato (Tutukaka 25 November 2000) HMNZ Wellington (Wellington 13 November 2005) and HMNZS Canterbury (Bay of Islands 3 November 2007). The Navy are retrieving an anchor from the Tui and this will be mounted in Tutukaka in the vicinity of the ship’s propeller which is currently on display. The unveiling of the anchor is planned for around 8.00pm and followed by general socializing accompanied by a band. Food will be available. For full details contact Dive Tutukaka: Ph: 0800 288 882.


Don’t miss the biggest diving event of the year: OZTeK09. Turn to page 71 and 73. The list of speakers is amazing! See you there!

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