Moko – a photographic tribute

By Andy Belcher

Moko was one of only a few solitary sociable wild bottlenose dolphins in the world who left its pod to interact with people.I had the great privilege of photographing Moko from the riverbank on several occasions in Whakatane. Hundreds of pictures later I finally put the camera down and got into the water with Moko.

In shallow water the huge mammal came right to my feet and nudged my toes. This was one experience from my bucket list that I will never forget.

Moko gave me and hundreds of other people a great deal of pleasure and I for one will sadly miss him.


Rest in peace Moko.

Andy Belcher is a multi-award-winning freelance photographer who gained an international reputation for his innovative techniques used to capture underwater, extreme sports and adventure images.

Andy  also loves the challenge of photographing local events, businesses, people and products, putting the same energetic creativity into more commercial applications. Andy has won more than 100 international photographic awards. Visit


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