Editorial by Dave Moran

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Mother Nature’s Power, Sharkfin Soup,

Navy Hyperbaric Unit.

Editorial by Dave

Stop Press



– it’s hard to
comprehend what we are seeing on our TV screens. Our thoughts and sincere best
wishes go out to all those caught up in the catastrophic events of recent days.
The planet’s humanity will support you.

We Are Humbled By Her

Even Mike Tyson would not hit a man when he’s on his knees. I
guess Mother Nature is just not aware of her strength and has no real planned

The word ‘random’ is a word in vogue with young people these
days. A good word to describe where Mother Nature let off a little energy – it
is ‘random’, that’s for sure! The residents of Christchurch New Zealand felt her randomness when she flexed her muscle at
4.30am, 4 September 2010 and they thought – ‘okay that was a bit rough but we
can cope!’ Then, 166 days later, she delivers the king hit at 12.51 on 22
February 2011. She takes about 240 people before their time was due. For us
mere mortals it takes a while for it all to sink in as to just how vulnerable
we are and how life as we know it can be turned on its head in a blink of time!

We have also witnessed her random destruction as Cyclone Yasi
trashed parts of Queensland Australia in early February. You immediately think
of family, friends and businesses that could be affected. Luckily for most,
their enquiring phone calls were answered, for some not.

I have spoken to three dive shop owners in Christchurch. For two there appears to be
minimal structural damage to their buildings, just a mess to clean up. For the
third, who had recently relocated after the September quake, liquefaction has
turned their show room and office floors into muddy sand pits! Naturally many
people of Christchurch
are flat out sorting out their homes and businesses but there are also many
homes and business premises that escaped relatively untouched. If you are one
of the fortunate ones, how about doing a little shopping therapy?

It’s good for
the soul! Drop into your local dive store, have a chat, maybe buy some gear,
show your support. These businesses like many in Christchurch have had it tough over recent
months. By showing your support they will remain in business and be there when
you are looking for advice, gear or checking out what dive trips are coming up.
Your support is vital at this time.

Our mates across the ditch also need our support. We are
strongly advised that it’s business as usual for the charter boats that visit
the Great Barrier Reef. The reef and the
marine life are as good as ever – maybe better! Check out
the operators that would love to see you escape the winter chills by jumping on
one of their world class liveaboards.

Shark Fin Soup Banned in

Let’s hope this is the lead needed to get other governments
to stop pussy-footing around with their ‘wet bus ticket’ approach to shark
finning. Even with its large Asian population, from 1 July anyone caught
selling shark fin soup can be fined $5,000 for a first offence, $50,000 for a
second offence and up to a year in jail for a third! Just watch as other US states do
the same – we will see a landslide!

New Zealand

and Australia
promote themselves as environmentally aware countries – yeah right! We still
have recreational set netting, the US banned them years ago. New Zealand
will most likely go down in history as the country that wiped out its own
unique dolphin – the Hector Dolphin. The Government departments are good at
talking the talk but are hopeless at walking the walk! Money talks and they

Navy Hyperbaric Unit

Many of you will be aware that the Recompression Chamber
operated by the Navy at their Devonport base in Auckland, New Zealand,
has a very long history of providing world class service for divers suffering
from decompression sickness (DCS). That facility is currently being looked at
by the number crunchers. Many of the facilities at the Navy’s hospital have
already been closed such as the X-ray unit and operating theatre. Four wards
have been reduced to a small sick bay.

The diving community needs to make it perfectly clear to the
Government that closing the facility is


an option.

Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show

Myself and the team look forward to catching up with those of
you who can visit our stand at the

Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show

Grab a subscription goody bag and some excellent bargains. We are in
Hall 1 stand 170 (same spot as last year) next to the revolutionary Q-Subs. We look forward to seeing you there!

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