Editorial 127

Dive Shops, Oceanz 2011, Festivities!

Dive Shops

For many in the Dive Industry the summer season can not come fast enough.

Like most businesses in New Zealand and, to a lesser extent Australia, it has been tough keeping afloat through the winter months during the third year of the world wide economic recession.

Dive shop owners are a resilient bunch and most have never given up manning the bilge pumps to stay afloat.

Even Christchurch’s earthquakes earlier in the year have not stopped Brian and Jane Franks from relocating their Dive HQ store. Some say, ‘stuff the recession’ and just get on with business!

Recently a new Dive HQ store opened in Albany Auckland, plus Warkworth has a new store, New Zealand Diving.

The Dive Zone group has opened a new store in the coastal town of Tairua in the Coromandel. I just love the ‘positive’ attitude of these small business owners, it’s so refreshing!

Dec/Jan’s issue features the MV Rena sitting forlornly on the Bay of Plenty’s Astrolabe reef. The local dive stores, Dive Zone and Earth 2 Ocean, have felt the brunt of the Rena’s presence with some of their prime dive sites being within the Rena’s off limits, Exclusion Zone.

I encourage divers to support their local dive store. The temptation to buy online is very seductive. But when you consider what a local dive store provides and your own expectation that they will always be there when you require a scuba cylinder filled, your gear serviced or to jump on board for a local dive or escape to a tropical destination, I’m sure you would agree, supporting them is the way to go. A healthy Dive Industry has so many benefits for you the diver!


what a magnificent event!

After 22 years since the last major weekend Oceanz conference many were sceptical as to how successful this event would be.

The sceptics were blown out of the water. What a successful weekend it was. If you missed it you sure did miss out on the best diving event New Zealand has had in many years. There is talk that the next Oceanz will be held in 2013.

I can hardly wait – it will be, ‘a must be there’ event.

Those of you in New Zealand and those who grab their digital copy off


you will receive an extra bonus of a six page centre spread of the winning Oceanz photographic competitions winners – enjoy.

Festive Season

Thanks to all our subscribers, regular readers and our advertisers for your support throughout the year. It is very much appreciated by myself and the team at Dive New Zealand/Dive Pacific.

We wish you a fantastic festive season and those of you in the Southern Hemisphere a ‘you beaut’ summer season and some memorable dives to wash away the day to day stresses of life. Have a ball you all deserve it!

By Dave Moran

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