Oceanz 2011

12-13 November, Tauranga, New Zealand

by Dave Moran, Editor

The last full weekend OCEANZ conference was held in Auckland in
September 1989. That’s 22 years ago which is a long time for any
industry not to have a major conference to stimulate their market!

It took two Scottish immigrant divers, Shane Wasik and Nikki Limond, to take on the enormous challenge of organizing a weekend of stimulating presentations, trade and associated displays and the rebirthing of the Oceanz photographic competition.

Shane had heard of the past Oceanz but it was the enormous wow factor he took on board when he visited and gave presentations at the Sydney based Dive Expo, Oztek over a few years that really lit the fire in his belly!

I was on the organizing committee of the past Oceanz so I was very interested to see how successful Oceanz 2011 would be. In a few words, it blew my socks off. It was so stimulating, rewarding and just plain excellent fun I could hardly believe that it was happening. Just amazing!

On behalf of all those in the ‘trade’ who helped to make this event so successful I congratulate you for making the decision to exhibit. Having three exhibitors from overseas was just fantastic.

To all those who were part of the 26 presentations over the weekend, give yourselves a huge pat on the back for delivering such informative and entertaining presentations.

The presentation of the Photographic Awards during the dinner extravaganza on the Saturday was a highlight. The images were simply stunning and world class. Congratulations to all those photographers who made the effort to enter this competition. You are all winners!

Check out the photographs here:

I can hardly wait for Shane, Nikki and their sponsors to plan another Oceanz – maybe in 2013. I and I’m sure many in the dive industry and divers have fingers and toes crossed that we are again able to experience such a amazing weekend.

On behalf of all exhibitors and divers I wish to say thanks to all those involved in making this the most successful event in the New Zealand diving calendar in 22 years!

Thanks also to the sponsors and supporters who believed in the Oceanz 2011 dream:

Major sponsors:

New Zealand Underwater Association


Scuba Diving International


Technical Diving International



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