Editorial 131

Winter diving – digital photography

by Dave Moran

Believe it or not winter diving can be amazing!

Clear water, especially off shore and the fish life is in abundance.

What can make your dive even more amazing is being cozy warm in a drysuit.

Drysuits of old were a pain in the butt to get into, plus when you went for a dive it felt like you were swimming around in a baggy, moist blanket!

How things have changed since those days. With the improvement of suit’s materials, valves, zips, seals, undergarments and design concepts, many divers these days only ever dive in a drysuit, all year round. It becomes second nature to them. The action of inflating their suit on descent and vent expanding air on ascent is something that becomes automatic – they hardly notice they do it!

They find they are enjoying their diving more and after a dive they are not frozen to the core so they feel less buggered. During a winter’s day out on the water they usually do more dives than divers in wetsuits plus they use less air so their dive times are usually longer than a wetsuit diver.

If you are into underwater photography you know that you can sometimes be stationary for quite sometime and steadily lose your body temperature, especially if wearing a wetsuit. After awhile you can hardly feel the controls of the camera – not much fun!

Diving dry can change this painful experience plus you will be able to concentrate on your photography more instead of thinking: I’m out of here – where is the hot soup?

I recommend you discuss with your local dive shop what suit best fits your diving requirements, it could be a turning point in your overall diving enjoyment!

The digital age has taken photography by storm!

It has turned conventional concepts upside down quite a few times now. Taking a picture is the first step before you jump onto your computer and unleash an amazing array of editing software!

Just when you think the manufacturers could hardly do any more they develop new design concepts unimaginable just a few years ago. We are on a rollercoaster that is on an endless track into a future of which we can only dream!



news is that this technology has made taking reasonable underwater pictures more achievable for most. We are seeing more and more divers taking their cameras for a dive. They are finding having a camera makes them more aware of the marine environment and they discover new little critters on every dive! Sharing their adventures and discoveries with friends via Facebook is also very ‘cool’!

Enter your best images into the magazine’s

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and you could be a winner. The experience will definitely improve your photography!

Visit your local dive shop for advice on a system that best suits you.

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