Editorial 132

Ron Taylor, Salmon Farming, Coroner’s Inquest and Shark Finning!

Ron Taylor

Just as we were about to go to press we received news that Australian icon Ron Taylor had died.  We remember one of diving’s most respected gentleman. A 1000 page magazine could not contain the adventures and his commitment to the marine environment. Thanks Ron for the memories.

Salmon farming, good or bad for the environment?

I believe that there is substantial evidence that shows the marine environmental damage caused by such farms. When marine farming is mentioned, most people’s natural reaction is, what a good idea! We farm on the land so why not in the sea? Marine farms around the world are either being pulled out or cut back in size due to the marine environmental damage they are causing.

You would be aware how much land farmers are now being monitored re the amount of affluent etc from their land reaching waterways. Fencing streams and planting native trees and plants along their banks is now the norm in an attempt to lessen the effect of these pollutants.

In the sea we do not have the ability to fence off the water flowing through a salmon farm! That water picks up all the uneaten food pellets and a massive amount of thousands of fish’s excrement.

The general media seem to not report that a few months back over 70,000 salmon died in the farms in the Marlborough Sounds – I understand they were buried.

Salmon farm management will not allow independent cameras to photograph under the holding nets – why? Money/profits and employment are the driving factors pushing for more farms in the Sounds. Unfortunately for the marine environment, not like on land, people do not ‘see’ the destruction on the sea floor these farms cause. This is only the tip of the environmental problems these farms cause. There must be a better way.

Coroner’s Inquest Lake Pupuke Deaths

In past weeks the media ran news re the inquest by coroner Gordon Matenga into the fatalities of two student divers in Auckland’s Lake Pupuke on 15 July last year. When the coroner’s findings are released we will bring them to you via the magazine and in our website’s coroner reports listings. Hopefully there will be advice/lessons that all divers and training agencies can take on board to hopefully prevent such an accident happening in the future.

Shark Finning View by Celebrities

I was pleasantly surprised to see that TV celebrities, David Hasselhoff of Bay Watch fame and Jennifer Aniston notably known for her role in the sitcom series Friends are getting behind bringing to the public’s attention the practice of shark finning and the marketing of shark fin products. The younger generation will take note of what these TV personalities are saying. Let’s hope more celebrities join them to stop this wasteful, unsustainable practice and its markets.


In the Oct/Nov issue we welcome back Derek the Chef. Because we have fishing guru Bruce Duncan explaining the finer points of catching squid,  Derek has come up with a yummy calamari gastronomical delight.

Summer is on the horizon – hooray!

Now is the time to drag out your dive gear, have it checked and serviced so that when the days rolls up calm and blazing with sunlight, you are locked and loaded to jump in and enjoy some fabulous diving.

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