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Aquarius an underwater ocean laboratory icon may close!

Sylvia Earle, the legendary 76-year-old oceanographer, may have made her last visit to Aquarius due US Federal funding cuts.

She was part of the celebrations held at Aquarius signifying that 50 years had passed since Jacques Cousteau’s historical achievement of establishing man’s first underwater habitat, Conshelf I, 33 feet (10m) off Marseille, France.

During this, her third visit to Aquarius she commented, ‘I was chief scientist of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the early 1990s. Even then it was hard to convince the ‘Powers’ that it was a worthy expenditure of hard-won taxpayer resources, and that the dividends that have come forth are really important. It’s a worthy investment.

The oceans are in trouble and that means we’re in trouble. This is part of what it will take to give us the answers that we need. We’re the luckiest ones ever, I think. Not only are we the first ones to know what we know, we may be the last ones to be able to do something.’

The Aquarius Reef Base was established 22 years ago when the habitat…

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