Editorial 133

Editorial by Dave Moran

Shaping the Diving World

I ended the year on a high with a visit to the Cayman Islands to witness Rosemary Tarlton receiving an award for her late husband Kelly (Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium) being inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. Then we travelled to Santa Barbara for the Historical Diving Society USA’s AGM weekend and I went on to Las Vegas for the annual DEMA (Diving Equipment Manufacturing Association) Expo.

At these events you meet many people who shaped the way the world dives today – the entire spectrum from recreational to commercial diving: Guys who developed the diving tables and the first dive computers; the first to develop the diving techniques to work below an offshore oil rig. They also developed the Kirby Morgan hat for commercial divers. It’s a very humbling experience to be in their company. Great people.

Pure New Zealand – Really?

While at the Historical Diving Society’s AGM in the States I had to duck for cover when I was chatting with the world renowned explorer and marine conservationist Dr Sylvia Earle. New Zealand’s fishing of the toothfish stocks in Antarctica’s Ross Sea came up! Many of you would have seen the excellent television documentary The Last Ocean and the many newspaper articles and letters to editors that resulted from the documentary.

As a New Zealander I was embarrassed as Dr Earle scoffed at the PURE branding that New Zealand promotes to the world. She and her many influential acquaintances are disgusted at the way the New Zealand government’s tail is being wagged by the powerful commercial fishing industry. The imminent extinction of New Zealand’s Maui dolphin also came up – at this point I was looking for the exit door! The fact is, thinking people know that New Zealand’s PURE branding is a sham.

Sylvia has agreed to be interviewed on the subject so keep an eye out for this in a future issue.

Young people are also taking note of what is happening to our environment. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing New Zealand’s new singing sensation Jamie McDell. This name may mean little to our older readers but to young teenagers she is hot! She loves the sea. Her range of songs cover trying to understand a teenager’s broken heart to caring for the ocean environment, even a song dedicated to the plight of the Maui dolphin.

For me to see young people being aware and concerned about what is happening to their environment gives me hope that the government may take notice of what young voters are thinking and just maybe the government’s tail will be wagged less by the commercial fishing industry. But it will take a while as the commercial fishing industry has a very firm hand on that tail!

Catch Jamie’s interview in the February/March issue.

Positive Energy

It was great to feel the positive energy at DEMA this year. Things maybe tough for businesses but many in the industry are brushing off the negativity and getting on with business. If you’re into photography you will be amazed at what is heading our way. The digital revolution is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Manufacturers are producing products that only a few years ago were in the land of science fiction – not anymore!

Summer Holidays

Thanks to all our subscribers and regular readers and advertisers for your loyal support during 2012, it is very much appreciated by myself and the Dive New Zealand/Pacific team. We wish you all a fantastic summer holiday break with family and friends.

We look forward to hearing about your summer diving adventures.

Take care and enjoy!

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