Jamie McDell

Interview with singer / songwriter Jamie McDell

By Dave Moran

Every now and then you meet a young person who inspires you with their love for what they are doing and is excited about the future.

It was a pleasure to chat with a talented young lady who is passionate about her song writing and her ability to sing those songs plus have the maturity to keep her two feet firmly on the ground. Take a wee peek into her life and learn how she became the person she is today.


Dave Moran, Editor.

Dave Moran (


): Jamie during your childhood you spent a lot of time by the ocean – sailing, surfing etc with your family. Did this kick start your love for the marine environment?

Jamie McDell (


): I spent my childhood aboard a sailing boat. We lived in the Mediterranean for a few years and I guess that’s where my passion began. All we could do was swim! My dad has been racing yachts his entire life so he very quickly got my sister and me involved in racing. We raced Starlings for awhile. Eventually both my mum and dad took up diving. My older brother got his Open Water ticket when he was 12.

I found this out when I was 15 so I said to myself ‘Oh, I’ve got to get mine – he can’t beat me’. I did my dive course with Orakei Dive in Auckland and have been diving ever since with mum and dad and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done to be able to experience the marine world. My whole life seems to revolve around the ocean, the beach and water activities.

Fortunately for me that love of the ocean has been nurtured by the fact that my parents bought a holiday place near the beach.


When did you become interested in music?


I’ve always been surrounded by music. As a kid living on a boat, my parents … read the full interview online at


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