Beneath Budapest

by Shane Wasik.

Budapest is not a typical destination for a dive trip and is a great place to visit as the city is bursting with beautiful architecture. Sights such as castle hill and fisherman’s bastion are visually stunning with panoramic views over the city and river. Complimented by many museums and churches you are spoilt for choice for experiencing cultural tourism.

Jozsef, my guide weaved the van through the morning rush hour as the scenery changed from beautiful architecture to industrial factories, steel fences and barbed wire. Passing though a gate and down a ramp, large wooden doors revealed a dark cavernous tunnel.

This is the entrance to the underworld that is actually the disused basement of the Kobanya brewery, famed for the Dreher beer brand. Saying goodbye to daylight we drove down through the gates and into the pitch black underground. After a short drive the lighting system flickered on and Jozsef stopped to show us a chart on the wall. It revealed a labyrinth of tunnels stretching deep underground from the abandoned workings of the brewery and historic limestone mine.

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