The Last Bell


The Last Bell

By Leigh Bishop

A deep Japanese wreck sunk off the Northeastern anchorage in the famous Truk Lagoon finally reveals her huge bell. Leigh Bishop dives the wreck and asks

Is this the last bell to be found in the legendary Pacific Lagoon?

Excited to see this massive ship’s bell for myself I settled on the deck at 55m depth and quickly gathered my orientation if only in eager anticipation of heading in the right direction. I had been told that the ship’s name


could clearly be seen engraved into the bell. This was the

Reiyo Maru

a wreck well off the beaten Truk tourist route! And wreck, as I will explain, that technical diving was perhaps invented for! A dive here will throw at you everything any hardened deep wreck diver could ever wish for, and perhaps more!



rests on an even keel in the extreme northeastern quadrant of the fourth fleet anchorage, an area generally very good for visibility, oh and the odd shark or two at that! Even after all the years of being on the seabed little growth has settled on the wreck, most likely due to the diminished light intensity. To the diver the wreck appears very clean and well preserved but grey and, at first sight, perhaps somewhat dull. But read on as this is a brilliant dive and if you’re visiting Truk put it at the top of your list!

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