Decision on Shark Protection. Sea Change a Positive Initiative.

The approximately $4 million is 0.003% of the fishing industry’s annual income. The question has to be asked of the government … why?

‘Pure’ New Zealand is way out of line with the rest of the world. About 100 countries, including our Aussie neighbours, have banned the practice of finning.

Now is the time for the government to take a firm stand and not be swayed by fishing and Asian interests. The benefits of banning this un-New Zealand practice far out weigh the 0.003% return.

Once this has been achieved we need to seriously look at banning the importing of fin products which are supporting the finning industry.

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Sea Change

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan was officially launched at Auckland’s Museum on 9 September.

Marine spatial planning is used worldwide. This will be a first for New Zealand.

In 2000 New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf was designated a marine park due to its national significance.

Various councils, agencies and Maori tribes are responsible for different areas. It has become obvious that councils and agencies need to form a partnership between the various groups who use the Gulf’s resources. This will hopefully bring everyone to the same table to openly discuss issues that affect their group or interests.

Such groups would include those involved in: aquaculture, recreational and commercial fishing, diving, commercial shipping, tourism, environmental groups and Maori’s mana whenua (power associated with tribal land/resources) to name a few.

The final plan will be non-statutory but will provide a solid framework for managing the Gulf and help shape future agreements and statutory plans.

John Tregida, chair of the Hauraki Gulf Forum, and his team can be congratulated for this very positive step forward.

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