The Last Bell (part 2)


Best to begin our exploration at the bottom levels rather than vice versa and work our way up, out of any disturbed silt.The


engine room is brilliant, perhaps as good as her sister ship’s engine room the Nippo Maru sunk nearby and is regarded as one of the best on the tourist route! Danny’s light picks out electrical switchboards and a wall full of capacitors and switchgear! At 66m depth our bottom time is now clocking up so the order of the day is a good look around and back up to the shot line.

As I squeeze into a tight gap I edge my way around the very back of the engine itself and over on the far wall I can see a number of extremely large wrenches all hung neatly in their fixed positions. Danny finds his way around the other side of the engine and moves into the frame to add scale as I shoot some stills. Above us is a repeater telegraph, now consumed by time and looking as eerie as rusticles inside the Titanic! As the engine room opens up … (read the full story in the hard copy)

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