Technical Aspects of Conducting a Decompression Dive

of deep decompression dives is really important, to avoid potential life threatening problems.

The best way to explain a dive plan is to take you through an actual recent dive. The HMS Repulse, lying in 56 metres, 140 miles north of Singapore in the South China Sea.

HMS Repulse

was a 27 thousand ton, Royal Navy Renown-class battle cruiser built in 1916. and saw many conflicts over the years. In November 1941 she was assigned to Force Z which was supposed to deter Japanese aggression against Britain in the Far East.


and her consort

HMS Prince of Wales

were eventually sunk by fierce Japanese aerial bombardment of torpedoes and bombs on 10 December 1941. That day 508 British souls lost their life on the



When planning a decompression dive there are a lot of considerations to think about.

Team choice. Having the right buddy reduces stress/anxiety levels on a dive if you are confident in their abilities. I didn’t know who would be on the trip so a mate came with me. This eliminated the possibility of diving with unfamiliar or incapable divers. As it happened we had a great group of experienced technical divers on board! – but you never know!

Communication and emergency procedures


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