Changing times ahead

As 2014 draws to a close many in the dive industry will regard the year as one of their most challenging in recent times.

The compulsory Government (Worksafe) requirement for those businesses involved in providing adventure activities to register and then be audited by the 1st November has for many been an arduous process.

As this Worksafe deadline approached 197 businesses were granted an extension till the 12th December due to them not fully completing the process.

Approximately 24 dive operators are amongst these businesses!

Most of these businesses in a practical sense are compliant or just need to tweak a few things.

It’s the paper work documentation of their business and diving procedures plus auditors cost that for many are a pain in the butt!

Some have taken on the auditing challenges as an enforced opportunity to seriously look at their procedures and how they can make improvements.

Diving is a SAFE sport and this auditing process in theory has made the ‘adventure activity’ of diving even safer!

The ‘process’ will prepare dive operators to be in a far better position to comply with the

new Health & Safety Act which comes into force on the 1st April 2015. It’s tough running a business!

As I look through the proofing pages of this summer holiday issue I’m still amazed at the diversity of the marine environment and the various activities a diver can participate in while exploring the wonders that lie just beneath the ocean’s surface.

Some of the entries in the international photographic competition: The Wildlife Photogra- pher of the Year are shown on pages 60 – 65.

These images will fire up your imagination and encourage you to ‘get out there’ and experi- ence nature’s raw beauty—-incredible and always full of surprises!

Thanks to all our subscribers, regular readers, dive shops and advertisers for your continued support of New Zealand’s only dedicated dive magazine.

We continue to strive to bring you every two months an informative, entertaining and stimu- lating magazine both in print and online.

The team at Dive New Zealand / Dive Pacific magazines wish you all a fantastic summer break and some amazing diving wherever you are on this beautiful planet—-enjoy!

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